Hello,that's me and my friend Mr.Paperbag.

Во всех случаях помните про кнопку «Открывание дверей».
I made him myself with black highlighter,and we cosplay Sherlock. It means that we are bored,EXTREMELY B-O-R-E-D!!
I was making my damned website all day and I feel sick of these Aces,Yggdrasyls,squirrels and html. I feel sick of words "my website",because last days I droned and droned on it,poor my friends,I fel really sorry for them,forgive me,please.
To tell the truth,I want coffee. But I'm poor student and I have no money for coffee. To tell all the truth, I'm not poor but lazy student,I'm too lazy to call to the bank and activate my plastic,where my September scholarship is.
I'm loser >< honestly,I'm very lucky,but I feel like loser >< and I'm still bored~

Good evening, everybody!!

@темы: Gaudeamus, бедный я

2010-10-03 в 20:36 

Ohh how nice, you're making a "scandinavian gods website"! =)
Well well, lazy student, just think about those students who like me don't have any scholarship AT ALL, regardless of having excellent marks (I have only two 4s after one year of my student life, one 4 in the first term and one in the second).

Well, I think you should arrange some kind of sacred ritual, so that the gods could help you to finalize your website.

2010-10-04 в 17:04 

pan kotek
Во всех случаях помните про кнопку «Открывание дверей».
=( poor Minttu
Well,that's not really a website,it is rather a scheme of Scandinavian world with short descriptions of places,gods,animals,etc. You see,about three years ago I was really keen on Scandinavian mithology and prepared a big report about it. And the most difficult thing was to put together all these worlds,snakes and Yggdrasil roots. Now I should prepare a personal website(that's my "PC skills",a kind of informatics,task)?and I decided to make something useful(?).


может, прорастём ещё